CL 100-400


CLEVER LIGHT- Control Panel

The main unit (control panel) directly, or through a subcen- tre controls and supervises the operation of the luminaires in the system. Checks the presence of the working voltage in the split circuit of the building with the help of the control modules.



Cl 100-400
Number of devicesmax 396 pcs, 99 devices per line (4×99)
Incoming voltage range100-240 V AC-DC 50/60 Hz
Output voltage range100-240 V AC-DC 50/60 Hz
Circuit load capacity3A
CommunicationASM power cord, TCP/IP, Modbus
NetworkTCP/IP network (max 254 panels per system)
Luminaire controlIndividually or in groups
Store events2000 events/control panel
SoftwareCL-UNI programming software
LanguageEnglish, Hungarian
Display3.2 LCD
Output4 pcs programmable relays
DimensionsW:305 mm, D:100 mm, H:210 mm
*exact number of devices based on the cabling table