DM8 System


DM8 System

Defender is easy to install, use and maintain.
Defender M is apt for high temperature, intensive use and tough applications.

The performance-enhanced nozzles in Defender’s technology have a wider range and extinguishing performance than its opponents.
Defender’s nozzles are different from its opponents with its non-clogging feature. The total cost of the system is low with a small capacity system cylinder, minimum number of nozzles and less pipe line.
Defender’s system cylinder is continuously pressurized. Maintenance and refilling costs are economical.
Defender’s activation mechanism can be operated both automatically and manually



  • DM8 Mechanical Kitchen Suppression System Set – 8 Flows
  • P1100 A Auto and Manual Activation Mechanism
  • P2150 DM8 Cylinder (9.5 Lt) and Wall Mount Bracked
  • P1200 1 Piece Manual Activation Mechanism
  • P1500 5 Piece A nozzle
  • P1600 1 Piece F Nozzle
  • P1700 1 Piece R Nozzle
  • P2800 1 Piece 182°C Fusible Link (Bracket + Detector)
  • P9000 3 Piece Corner Pulley