Wall mounted and fixed in a permanent location
or Recessedmounted into the hose reel cabinet.

Manufacture compliant with BS EN 671
for LPCB certification. Hose reel discs are
manufactured using 1.2mm electro galvanized
steel sheets and has ribs that gave extra
strength, which in turn avoid twisting.

Hose reel drum painted with red powder coating
or chrome in stainless steel finish Plastic nozzle
supplied has jet/spray shut off. Chrome plated
brass nozzle is available upon request.

Hose has working pressure of 12bar and
bursting pressure of 42bar and it is red in color,
black color available upon request.

Inlet stop valve 1” size in made of brass and
finished with chrome. Brass finish available upon

Hose guide can be supplied upon request



  • Model: IMHR-12-A,IMHR-14-A
  • Brand name : IMSECUR
  • Hose Size: 19mm x 30m, 25mm x 30m
  • Hose Reel Size (Length*width*depth): 580*555*250mm,625*600*250mm
  • Hose ID: 19mm, 25mm
  • Hose OD: 25mm, 32mm
  • Hose Adhesion: >1.5KN/m
  • Nozzle Diameter: 6mm,8mm
  • Nozzle Inlet Size: 3/4”(19mm), 1”(25mm)
  • Nozzle Flow rate: 2bar/6bar – >24(L/M)/41(L/M), 2bar/6bar – >39(L/M)/68(L/M)
  • Throw range at 2bar: >11.2m

In accordance with EN 671, hose for firefighting must be limited to 30m for 19mm hose, 25mm hose,33mm hose